Impressions from Spain during the Coronavirus

Impressions from Spain during the Coronavirus

Impressions from Spain during the Coronavirus

The epidemic of the Covid-19 virus has affected the whole world, including our candidates who found themselves in one of the endangered countries during this period.

Since the safety and security of each candidate are important to us, we are in constant communication with them.

Amila, who is currently in Spain in a cultural exchange program, sent us how she is currently feeling and what the situation is like in Spain:

“Hello, my name is Amila and I am currently in Funes, Spain. It is a small place that belongs to the region of Navarra. Navarra has registered a total of 274 positive cases of coronavirus, only one of which has been reported in Funes. Of course, schools, colleges and pubs are closed and it is forbidden to leave the house except if you have to go to the doctor, pharmacy, store, and work, although it is advised to work from home as much as possible if that is optional. The police pass by and control everything quite often, and the fines for non-compliance with the newly introduced emergency measures range from € 500 to € 2,000. There is no panic, we are all at home and we try to adhere to all the rules as much as possible, because, of course, prevention is better than cure.”

We are monitoring the situation and the country’s status along with our candidates, advising everyone to adhere to the prescribed measures, and providing them with the necessary support. And they are they are the ones you can get information from about the situation in Spain during the coronavirus, as they are located on the very spot.

We hope that you are getting information from the right sources and that you are not panicking, just as our candidates who are currently in cultural exchange programs are not.

If you would like to participate in the cultural exchange program with Spain as well, we are waiting for you.