The Spanish Dream during the Coronavirus

The Spanish Dream during the Coronavirus

The Spanish Dream during the Coronavirus

Alexandra sends us her regards from Madrid, where she is currently in a cultural exchange program. Read her impressions below:

“Yes, I would like the title of my text to be named differently. My name is Aleksandra and I would like to greet all future CAR candidates who have applied for the cultural exchange program. First of all, I would like to ask you the following question. Has it ever occurred to you that dreams can really become true? If not, or you find it impossible, I have to disappoint you – you don’t believe enough in your dreams!

What drives our dreams into becoming true? I would say a wish, a huge wish. I say this from personal experience, because I also had an unfulfilled, and now almost a realized dream – and that is Spain.

Given that I myself have been a language, culture and customs aficionado since I was a child, I would like to share with you my experience regarding my stay in Spain, more precisely in Madrid. From the moment I saw the announcement of CAR – “Cultural Exchange Program – Meet Spain” on social networks, I knew it was the right thing for me. After a successful interview, we started slowly with creating a profile and finding a family in which to stay. The whole process lasted a couple of months, and as the day of my departure was approaching, bad news related to COVID-19 arrived from all over the world, which I believe you are all already quite familiar with. A dose of fear existed, it still exists now, but the belief that everything will be resolved very quickly and the desire to stay prevailed.

Unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to visit many places, because I arrived recently. Most importantly, I am not alone. Besides my coordinator, to whom I am especially grateful, I must emphasize that it really feels like home here. From the moment I saw the smiles on my family’s faces at the airport in Madrid, I knew that was it. And it really is the case. This can be especially seen now that we are all in the house 24 hours a day and when we have to comply with the prescribed measures, for our own good. However, that does not stop us from having fun, and my family does not make me feel lonely at any time. True, we are still not able to move freely through the city streets, but we all hope and believe that the situation will improve in no time.

Until then, as a candidate staying in one of the biggest hotspots of COVID-19, I advise all future candidates of cultural exchange programs that, if they comply, follow the coordinator’s instructions and act in accordance with the prescribed measures, there will be no place for panic.

There is one more thing. I myself was not aware of how much this kind of exchange could contribute to my personal and professional development. Now that I know, I do not regret a single moment of being right here and right now; because I believe in a better tomorrow and I believe in myself. And believing in yourself is the first secret to success, right?

Best wishes you guys, live your dream without fear, just as I do!”