It’s Time to Get to Know this Beautiful Country From a Different Perspective

It’s Time to Get to Know this Beautiful Country From a Different Perspective

It’s Time to Get to Know this Beautiful Country From a Different Perspective

Jovana sends us her regards from Spain, full of beautiful impressions. Read below about her experience with the “Meet Spain” program.

“Whenever someone asks me to say something more about myself, there is always this sentence:” I am an adventurer, someone who loves to travel, meet new people and see different cultures.”

Spain! I have always liked this country. I like its people who are always cheerful and relaxed, its melodic language, and architecture, the most beautiful one in Europe from my point of view. Of course, there is also the Spanish sun, which can be seen here all year round, and which I miss a lot in the the cold winter days in Serbia.

I’ve always felt a great sense of joy when I had the opportunity to come here, but those were just short tourist visits.

That’s how I began exploring, how I could spend a few months in Spain without being swamped with hard work. I was looking for a way to be here, and at the same time have a lot of time for leisure. I came across Center for Affirmation and Development’s program on the Internet, which caught my attention.

Now it’s time to get to know this beautiful country from a different perspective and spend a little more time here.

For several weeks now, I have been in Manresa, a lovely Catalan town that is about an hour away from Barcelona, my favorite. My impressions are very positive. The family I live with is really wonderful and they have already had experiences with this program. They welcomed me warmly, both the parents and the two girls whom I spend most of the time with. During the week, I am not overloaded with tasks. I take Lucy and Kristina to school and kindergarten up to 9 in the morning, and after that I am free during the best part of the day. When I pick them up in the afternoon, we spend a few hours playing, which I myself find enjoyable.

The weekends are free which gives me the opportunity to go to Barcelona or some other interesting place. Since I have practically just arrived, I did not have the chance to travel, but I definitely have a lot of weekend trips planned out.

During this short time, I learned a lot of Spanish words and expressions, and I believe that I will learn a lot more in the following period, because Spanish is often the only means of communication for me.

All in all, this will be, and already is, a very interesting and unforgettable experience!”