The Most Beautiful Way to Experience the Charm of Living in One Country

The Most Beautiful Way to Experience the Charm of Living in One Country

The Most Beautiful Way to Experience the Charm of Living in One Country

Sanja sends us her regards from Spain. Read her impressions below:

“Having seen the CAR event about applying for cultural exchanges and therefore, the opportunity for a new experience without “any troubles” (judging by the requirements of the program), I knew what place would be my home in the next few months.

As a person who loves traveling and getting to know other cultures, I made the decision to allow myself to two and a half months in Spain before stepping into business life.

Now, after a month spent in Madrid in one big and happy family, I can easily say that I made the right decision by taking this path.

At the airport, I was welcomed with smiles and huge hugs of five people, and I knew immediately that I’d be accepted as their family member. During the working days, I am with the children until noon, and on weekends I wander through the streets of Madrid and the beautiful surrounding cities. In the beginning, they took me everywhere and thus made the situation much easier by removing that feeling of fear of the “foreign” in the new environment. My family includes me in all activities, therefore I can always choose to go on a picnic with them, to the park, cinema. The obligations I have are quite flexible; hence we made a schedule that suits everyone, and so that I can attend Spanish classes and take a couple of days off for “bigger” trips.

My next destination is – Granada. Thanks to our coordinator from CAR, I met a lot of people from the same program, with whom I travel everywhere and will share memories from this adventure.

Now there is nothing more beautiful to me than the music on the streets, noisy bars, loud Spaniards and their sweet accentuation of words. Beautiful city, wonderful people, amazing family!

Those who like to travel, make new acquaintances, are interested in languages ​​and enjoy new sceneries should definitely apply for this program. This is the easiest and most beautiful way to experience the charm of living in one country.”

Would you like to visit Spain? Do it now!