This program is a great opportunity to gain new experiences!

This program is a great opportunity to gain new experiences!

This program is a great opportunity to gain new experiences!

Maja  described her impressions through an interview about everyday activities, for all of you who are seriously considering applying to one of our programs.

Question: To whom would you recommend the cultural exchange program?

Maja: This article is intended for all those who are eager for a new experience and are ready to make an effort to fulfil their dream. I will explain the procedure on how to become one of the candidates in the cultural exchange program and what it brings with it.

Question: How would you briefly describe the cultural exchange program?

Maja: At the beginning, it is important to emphasize that cultural exchange is not a game, nor a ticket for a vacation. Cultural exchange, in addition to all the beautiful moments and new experiences, brings with it the acquisition of great experience and invaluable knowledge. The point is to get acquainted with the new culture and family and integrate into their everyday life, which is not the easiest thing, especially at the beginning. But after this “scary” part, I will move on to the beautiful aspects of this program.

Question: What does the procedure for accessing this program look like, from your aspect?

Maja: After applying for this program, it is necessary to write a motivation letter to the family, an application and send a video in which you present yourself. The Center for Affirmation and Development makes this easier for you because they give you an example of what it should look like. From the moment you send this, your obligations and, after that all that remains is an interview with the family, buying a ticket and packing a suitcase.

Question: What is the essence of the cultural exchange program?

Maja: The essence of this program is that in a given time, you become a new member of that family. That may sound strange, but believe me, most families in this program want just that. For the simple reason that, given that you live in the same house, this kind of relationship will make your life together much easier. No relationship is perfect, there are always things that bother both sides, but such problems are usually easily and quickly solved by talking. Of course, this does not mean that you really become a member of their family and that you can behave extremely nonchalantly, because your stay there largely depends on them, therefore some boundaries must exist. If you establish this kind of relationship, you are almost certainly guaranteed a great time and friendships with a given family that can last a lifetime.

Question: Where are you located?

Maja: I am currently in Spain near the city of Pontevedra.

CAR: Tell us a few words about the family.Maja: The family in which I am accommodated is extremely nice, they meet me at all times, I could not call this adventure a success if they did not treat me the way they behave, that is, with such trust, friendship and understanding. From the very beginning, I felt like part of the family and they made the whole change extremely easy for me. KING: How many children are in the family?Maja: They have one child, his name is Unai, he is 4 years old and I am with him from 9 to 3 from Monday to Friday. We have breakfast together, go to the park and the beach and play different games. CAR: A large number of candidates are interested in what are the travel opportunities on the program. What is your experience?Maja: In my free time I travel, I visit nearby places and not so nearby cities. I’ve been to A Coruña and Porto, and I’m going to Lisbon soon. KING: What would you say to all readers in the end?Maja: This program is a great opportunity to become independent and gain new experiences. I warmly recommend it to everyone and I wish you luck so that your families are as warm as mine.