Madrid has a lot to offer

Madrid has a lot to offer

Madrid has a lot to offer

Read what Milica thinks of Spanish culture. Madrid and Spain generally have a lot to offer:

wonderful culture, large and beautiful squares, powerful architecture, great nightlife, very friendly locals, beautiful landscapes and nature… but what I most want to share is the gastronomic experience and pure hedonism I experienced while staying in Spain for almost a month.

First and foremost – the most Spanish of all Spanish dishes – Paella! Very easy to prepare with only 9 ingredients, there are several variations but the classic includes rice with chicken and rabbit.

Next is Fidegwa – also quite easy to prepare, but instead of rice, you use a dough that is somewhat similar to a mixture of noodles and pasta, then seafood and fish soup.

Tapas! Tapas are a cultural phenomenon and play a big role in Spain. These are snacks a little bigger than the canapés that are served with every drink served and you can find them in specialized tapas bars and markets, the best of which is the Mercado de San Miguel, located in the city center next to Plaza Mayor, where you can find literally everything flavors of fried octopus served in chips and eaten as chips, over oysters all the way to sangria and churus!

And speaking of turkeys, they are also a Spanish invention of desserts and make dough that is dipped in hot chocolate. Of the sweets, I would also single out Ponche Segoviano, which you must try if you go on a trip to a nearby town near Madrid, and in addition to Sego’s recommendations for trips are definitely Toledo and El Escorial and Valle de los caidos.

Valle de los caidos is a huge church located inside the mountain and there rests Francisco Franco who was a Spanish dictator and who commissioned the construction of this massive building, on the construction of which an extremely large number of people died.