Spain will welcome you in style

Spain will welcome you in style

Spain will welcome you in style

 “Oh, today I am full of some Spain, I have lived there three times…”

I did not, but I think that after this experience I will start thinking seriously about it! Last September I stumbled upon this website ofand took a few minutes to see what it was about… I read that they provide the opportunity to go to Spain, through the cultural exchange program and thought how wonderful it would to go there. Step by step and here I am in Madrid, I am writing to you after three weeks of my stay in Spain!

The signposts were given to me by Jelena, who works in the agency, I followed them, collected and sent all the necessary documents. I am really grateful to her because she is always there, with a quick answer to every question I have. In addition, she is looking forward to every new experience with me and we share the enthusiasm for the new cities!

The most important thing to successfully fit into a new environment, you must be confident in your decision – that you want to leave home for a while and meet a new culture and you should be ready to accept responsibility and fulfill your task – to teach English. The family I am in now is really open, ready for an agreement, the parents are caring and attentive and try to bring me closer to everything I am just getting to know from their culture, starting from the kitchen through customs to the history of cities.

I also met some members of the extended family who accepted me as if I were their cousin! I have established good communication with my host family, which is perhaps even the most important thing, especially if something does not suit you or them – change is triggered by conversation.

During the week I take care of a 12-year-old girl, we spend mornings together, go to the park, swim in the pool, do English, watch cartoons…

We rest in the afternoon, I have free time that I can organize as I want. Over the weekend I travel with them – we toured the nearby parks, Segovia – a small town not far from Madrid, we climbed to the top of the Bola del Mundo mountain, and this weekend we go to Salamanca and Avila. As for the energy of Madrid, a great mix of traditional (museums, old buildings, monuments…) and modern (parks clubs, restaurants (). I have made some friends from other countries who are also on the cultural exchange program in Madrid, so we gather once a week to share experiences.